The Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden- known to be the world's largest flower garden, is a pure bliss, especially for those who admire flowers and love the nature. I happened, to visit the place again last week with my aunt who just adores and falls head over heels when she sees flowers. They recently got into the … Continue reading The Miracle Garden

Urbano in Soul Al Bahar

  Urbano is an Italian Restaurant in Souk Al Bahar which is based in the downtown of Dubai.It's different from the other restaurants due to it's unique features.It's a perfect place for those who relish Italian cuisine, myself being one!     The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor dining facilities provided. The highlight of the restaurant is … Continue reading Urbano in Soul Al Bahar

The Irish Village Dubai

The Irish Village, located in Garhoud, Dubai happens to be one of the common hangout places for me and my friends.Probably, it is the feel that the places gives us that makes us their frequent visitors. It's highlights are a traditional wooden pub,an open terrace with a stadium. It's a perfect choice for an outdoor … Continue reading The Irish Village Dubai