Quote Challenge Day 3

Hello Everybody! This is my third and final day for the quote challenge. I found this quite interesting for some reason , inspite of doing it for the second time. Enjoyed penning them. So here goes my quote for Day 3: One Life. Live Like No One Did.   My nominees/challengers are : https://herzzentrale.wordpress.com https://apothemary.com/ https://ankitmaharishi.wordpress.com/Continue reading Quote Challenge Day 3

Quote Challenge Day 1

Hello everyone! I have been nominated by prashantt for the Quote Challenge. Please visit his blog as he is one of the interesting and vivacious bloggers i have on my following list. My quote for Day One: LOVE THE PERSON YOU ARE. Once you learn to love yourself, people around you also accept and appreciate the real … Continue reading Quote Challenge Day 1

Quotes & Quips 3

Life is a kaleidoscope that showcases a sequence of different shades of elements ,knocking at your door, waiting for a pertinent role in your life.You need to empty the cup before you venture out to discover your possibilities. It isn't about what you know and possess,its about what more you could learn and how you can make it … Continue reading Quotes & Quips 3