Hello Friends,

Firstly, i would like to thank each one of you for your lovely warmth and support that has helped me mature and grow as a blogger.Your feedback and appreciation has been praiseworthy.

Hardly few months down the lane in the blogosphere, and its impact has been far above my expectations. I am glad and privileged to announce that i’ve received offers from few online sites to join their writer’s team, where one happens to be a paid assignment. This made be underpin the significance of social media in terms of a marketing tool for promoting your piece of work.

 In order to attract more readers to your blog, you need to read and appreciate other’s work as well. If your share or reblog this, you will not just be helping yourself and me but many other budding and amateur bloggers in the process. You can leave a comment about what your blog speaks or emphasizes on, or leave in a link directed to your blog. Even if your blog is personal you may leave a link so that people may get to know you and your interests better and. By doing this people(and myself) reading this post can view your comments,  visit and follow your blogs. This will certainly help you increase the traffic of your blog.

Every blogger/writer gets fully satisfied only when they get readers to their blog posts.Hence:LET’S HELP EACH OTHER!

And as i have promised earlier i have shared some wonderful posts of my fellow bloggers that appeared interesting and informative to me and my readers on my blog and Facebook page. It is really essential to be active on social media like Facebook,Twitter, P-interest, Tumblr etc, in order to draw alot of readers to your blog.You may also link me to your Facebook Page if you have one, by dropping them in the comments.


Best Regards,



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63 thoughts on “LETS GET CONNECTED

  1. The only thing I could see in this post is you and didn’t bother to read what is there……got to see you closely and you indeed look beautiful….. Your eyes are like teddy buttons…..

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  2. I believe I have already liked your page. Followed you on Twitter as well.

    Having done that, I would say that this is a great way to connect with people, mostly bloggers who sail the same boat as us, and help each other grow in the process. Kudos to you for this.

    Well, keep writing and inspiring. 😀

    I don’t usualyy tell people to follow me, because mostly I am boring and I know it. But anyhow :

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      • You’re welcome, Vinita. 🙂
        You are absolutely right. Each one is unique and thank you for considering me in the same league. 😊

        That’s a tough one. I write about everything random. Don’t really have a pick. 😐

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    • Haha!! Yes, i have edited the post. It was initially to introduce my Facebook Page but i thought of expanding the idea ( as i have experienced the benefits myself)and making it reachable and useful for everyone.
      You may also make use of this and introduce your blog to your potential readers/followers

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  3. I’m too new to the wordpress thing to really understand how to connect and link up with people, but I do enjoy reading your posts and I’m very happy for you that you’ve found work as a result of them! I don’t have a facebook page but I’ll link my blog for anyone looking for a new blog to add to their reader…


    It’s a blog about growing up and how I’m learning as I go. Never thought being an adult would be so confusing!

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  4. This is wonderful Vinitha, I’ve seen how you’ve grown as a blogger.. Congratulations and wishing you all the luck and success on your future endeavors.

    Guys, I recently switched to a self hosting site, feel free to follow me:

    website: http://www.wanderwithmi.com
    twitter: https://twitter.com/_mariaingrid_
    facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wanderwithmi

    Let’s get connected and try to interact with one another.. Hope to hear from you all.. 🙂

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