Are you living a ‘Real’ or ‘Reel’ Life?


We often encounter various facets of life where we are forced or duress ourselves to ‘put on’.

Is this a necessity or an act of desperation to be socially accepted? What makes one wonderstruck is that when some people actually start to believe that it is their true selves!

Associating yourself to someone who you aren’t is gullible and equally disruptive. This may be done to be in good books, create a positive/super-cool image, to hide your negatives and shortcomings, thereby giving yourselves a short-term happiness.

The sad part is when reality hits them- it hits them so hard that it takes a great deal of time to come out out of it. All this while they played the ‘wannabe’ and now they are left in conjecture between their ‘reel’ and ‘real’.

Such mannerisms do not last long as your true self comes out naturally but unknowingly which gets noticed by people and may term you as ‘two-faced’.

The question is, is this really needed? It might give people momentary bliss and pleasure, but what about after? Never force yourself or let others to make you turn into something that you aren’t.

Learn to love being in your own skin and start cherishing your true self, because that’s the best part about you! Each one of us have a unique demeanour that distinguishes us from others. If that isn’t accepted and admired, then you lose out on yourselves.

If people around you do not respect your individuality then its better off to be without them. They do not deserve you.You cannot fake a new you for other’s sake or happiness.

So get out  from Reelity and come back to Reality!

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