Why People Have A Problem With Other’s Happiness


Ever wondered why some people get disturbed in your pleasant moments or when you seem to be in a happy phase of your life?

Well, it looks like they aren’t with theirs. You could come across people who get so affected with your joy and bliss, that they could make you their ideal target. They ‘got to’ find problems and issues even in your jovial times.

They post-mortem your happiness to the extent that, you wonder why were you even happy in the first place, or may even put your esteem down by amplifying your weaknesses, which in real portrays their weaknesses, astoundingly left hardly-realized.

 The least surprising fact is that, the ones who are behind it are none other than, whom you term as your-‘friends’.

However, the instigating reasons behind such actions are quite thought-provoking. Such kind of people aren’t pleased with their lives, hence cannot tolerate others happiness, or perhaps, believe that if they ‘aren’t’ how could ‘others be’.

 At times, when things are not happening great at your end, you become so negative as a human being that you just cannot bear other’s happiness. In such scenarios, they should just stay away rather than spreading the negativity among others.

If today isn’t yours, tomorrow is.

The finest way to bring out the best version of yourself, is to do and feel good for others. Probably, that’s how you can throw yourself away from the negative sphere you’re surrounded by and transform yourself into a constructive genus.

We are responsible not just for our actions but also for our feelings towards others, because ‘what you do and feel unto others, is what they do and feel unto you.’ Most of the times feelings become mutual, don’t they?There lies an invisible vibe that rests between two individuals with or without their knowledge.

Give only what you expect in return, or else just restrict yourself.

18 thoughts on “Why People Have A Problem With Other’s Happiness

  1. We should be away from such people who are not interested to be a part of our happiness, no need of such friends at all.
    It is so true that to be happy, we must learn to be happy for someone else too.
    We must search our happiness in their happiness.
    Lovely post

    Liked by 1 person

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