How Suppression Kills You

Like a coin that has two sides, each of our lives are filled not just with ups , but some downs as well. Sometimes people aren’t able to with these low phases.  When you’re happy your more cheerful, content and positive. On the contrary, during a low phase , if you don’t learn to  with … Continue reading How Suppression Kills You

The Faded

  Memories that gushed inside me, Some faded, some fresh; Hauling my soul apart, When your presence took depart; The strings attached between you and me, Is the destiny decided by the almighty; The mystic connection that bonded ‘us’, Created an ethereal spark, in spite the denial; Uncanny vibes that engendered in me, led me … Continue reading The Faded

The Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden- known to be the world's largest flower garden, is a pure bliss, especially for those who admire flowers and love the nature. I happened, to visit the place again last week with my aunt who just adores and falls head over heels when she sees flowers. They recently got into the … Continue reading The Miracle Garden

Reliving the Trance

THE CHURCH BELLS RANG. Head bowed down in her bridal blush, as he glanced through her fulsome façade; Ahead and amidst the crowd, they stood close waiting for their lifetime verdict, Locking her hands with pride, as she timidly sighed: “Yes, I do.” Revering their new journey together, she forfeited herself in his arms, Vowing … Continue reading Reliving the Trance