Lost,Found and Cherished

The first time I saw you, I never knew it would be so deep

Yearning and longing, those eyes made my heart go beep;     

Together we began our tale with a spark

That still hasn’t left us misty and dark;

I held your hand as we started to go

Not realizing this journey was forever to go;

Through your dreamy eyes I saw; a new myself

Hoping that you never let me go away from yourself;

Putting back the broken pieces, you gave me a new life

Like a child unraveling muddles and puzzles that deemed rife;

Unknowing, undemanding, you gave me more than I desire

Inspiring and inducing; you taught me how to conquer my fire;

The ups and downs that we agreed to ride through

Has emerged us to be a stronger duo all the way through;

If ever asked for a boon: without a blink it would be you

To spend all my nights counting the stars and moon with you.


My life is mayhem in your absence; cause it feels complete only by your presence .   Vinitha

36 thoughts on “Lost,Found and Cherished

  1. Would it be correct to say that you’ve just scripted out the intensity of your affection to the one you love, if yes, I don’t think it could have been better. If someone asks me right now what is love then all I can do is show him/her this post.

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