7 Ways to Battle Depression

Depression has been a serious health concern that is taken lightly or ignored most often. Most of us go through this phase or witness others, and I feel there is nothing shameful about it as, it’s just another passing period in life. But, it can be proved jeopardous if  proper care and attention is not provided.

Seven ways to battle depression:

1.Do not suppress your emotions:

Never try to hide your feelings away from others , atleast to your close ones. You do not have to keep smiling, be positive or stay happy all the time. It is perfectly fine to flush out the emotions from your body and feel sad, annoyed, frustrated, scared or angry as it only makes you a complete human.

2. Find a partner to share your emotions:

Open up about how you feel, why do you feel , to someone you can trust. It could be your family, friend, acquaintance or sometimes even a stranger. Never try to bury them inside you. Sharing your problems to others will help you in easing the pain that you are going through, and, you never know, they might be able to come up with solutions, or the least make you feel better.

3.Unleash yourself from the four walls:

When depression hits you, your brain stops working. You tend to isolate yourself from others, avoid crowds and stay indoors. Eschew them. Catch a friend for a coffee, go for a walk, breathe some fresh air. Staying indoors can just shut your mind and make you feel more despair.


We have all heard about music therapy. It has been scientifically proven that music has the power to cure diseases and, depression is just one of them. Listen to your favorite songs as it can help you soothe your mood and emotions. It is also acknowledged for declining stress levels.

5.Hold on to people/places that make you feel happy:

Remove the unwanted filth from your lives. Get rid of people /place /things or even memories that bring a negative vigor into your lives. Your surroundings play a vital role in influencing your happiness. Connect with people who make you feel good, happy and positive all time.

6.Discover your new-self(shift focus):

Go through a ‘changeover’. Experiment things that you haven’t endeavored before. For example, join a professional course, music/dance/yoga/fitness classes, an adventurous trip or anything that makes you feel good. Learning is the best way to deal with your current crisis. It gives you confidence and helps in identifying your likely potential thereby shifting your focus. Invest your emotions constructively.

7.Abide by the motto: “Whatever happens, happens for the best.”

You can’t undo the past, but you certainly have the power to control your present and mold the future. Certain things may not have worked in your favor and there is definitely a reason behind it. The more bitter your failures taste the sweeter your end results turn out to be. Move on.

PS: If you come across anyone who is battling depression please do not ignore them. Reach out for them and extend your help, and in certain cases advise counseling if necessary.

Spread the word. Share the message.

Help out each other!


47 thoughts on “7 Ways to Battle Depression

  1. You give good advises, thank you 😉 we can understand a depressive breakdown as a call to spirirual awakening, a transformation from “depressed” to “deep rest”. Every breakdown can seen as a potential breakthrough to a higher level of consciousness, because every problem comes with a promise and a provision attached to it, every challenge that we face in life with a divine gift; this is a constructive and holistic way to think brilliant about every problem and every possible crisis in our life. By the Way, this is a very beautiful blog and I appreciate your LIGHT 🙂

    Be blessed,

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  2. Wonderful advice… I agree with you Vinitha. The greatest therapy i realise from all your point is the human relationship whether with family or friends. When we learn to truely love one another we will find it easy to share another’s burden sincerely and be there for one another..

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  3. These are great points. One I would add on here from my own personal experience is to think of depression like other experiences in life, a teacher.

    Yes, depression happens for no reason sometimes, sometimes it can be chronic and a legit medical condition while at other times it can be in response to a particular situation in your life. But for when it happens as a response to a situation or period in your life, think of it as a teacher trying to toughen you up for life :).

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  5. Great post. I have recently begun a blog on which I am sharing my experiences of living with depression. Writing is something I have always enjoyed and have finally decided to use this venue to express my thoughts. I’d like to invite others to join me on my journey to find A Light at the Top of the Hole.

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  6. Firstly the depressed person is isolated from the society as everyone finds him quite annoying…he may choose some options like getting addicted to drugs and alcohol which will eventually worsen the situation more..The person feels nobody loves him in this world and he gets irritated easily and gets hyperactive in small things… He likes to stay inside a room with the doors locked… With depression feelings of pain are transferred to our family members,friends and relatives who care about us…the remedy of getting out of depression is only love..hug..anything that makes him feel loved…that somebody cares about him and depressed person should be cared gently with patience

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