All it Takes Is To -BEING HUMAN


Dedicated to: All the wonderful transgenders across the world.

Inspired from: A video and news that shocked me to bits and pieces.

Living in the 21st century, we all have our freedom to live life according to our terms and  desire, but unfortunately, there still exists, certain degree of the population who are besieged to live life to their fulfillments. The are hurled with shame, abuses, physical assault,and are treated  worse than dogs.Its above time, that such moral policing needs to be wiped out of people and minds.

Stop stereotyping human lives.

We are all humans by birth, but what makes you one is through your deeds, not by any cast,sex or religion.

For those who would like to read about the incident, here is the link: Transgender

5 thoughts on “All it Takes Is To -BEING HUMAN

  1. I agree. Whatever happened to the mantra:
    “Live and let live!” If I am not doing anything to you and yours, why do some people still feel they have the right to mess in others’ lives?
    Our world would be so much greater by abiding by yet another rule (once known as the “golden” rule): “Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you.”
    Alas, though, I am but a simple man just trying to survive in this crazy mixed-up world.
    What do I know?

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