Lost,Found and Cherished

The first time I saw you, I never knew it would be so deep Yearning and longing, those eyes made my heart go beep;      Together we began our tale with a spark That still hasn’t left us misty and dark; I held your hand as we started to go Not realizing this journey … Continue reading Lost,Found and Cherished


Bid adieu to the past That gave you sorrow more than joy; End playing the victim, there is no one to sympathize Play the resolver and you will find everyone rejoice; Culpable for the distressing and heartbreaking dose Commandeer the negativity and the ones behind the episodes; Obliterate the reminiscences from the mind and soul That … Continue reading Adieu

7 Ways to Battle Depression

Depression has been a serious health concern that is taken lightly or ignored most often. Most of us go through this phase or witness others, and I feel there is nothing shameful about it as, it’s just another passing period in life. But, it can be proved jeopardous if  proper care and attention is not … Continue reading 7 Ways to Battle Depression

All it Takes Is To -BEING HUMAN

Dedicated to: All the wonderful transgenders across the world. Inspired from: A video and news that shocked me to bits and pieces. Living in the 21st century, we all have our freedom to live life according to our terms and  desire, but unfortunately, there still exists, certain degree of the population who are besieged to live life to … Continue reading All it Takes Is To -BEING HUMAN

Bygones be Bygones

 Why fear and fright at today’s plight     When tomorrow has a new day and night ;  bygones be bygones. Live in the moment, and forget the torment Do not let today ‘s struggles make you dormant, Failure has its own way of telling one’s ability Leading to a stepping stone for conquering the … Continue reading Bygones be Bygones