Ahead and High

"Chirping and twittering entire universe, She began her ride ahead and high; Unfurling her glory through her spellbind hymns, Helping the being start their day bright and bliss; Knowing  she could  be in jeopardy, view of them, Unwavering, unfaltering she continued to hymn; The creator has designed the cycle , thus she realized, Deciding to … Continue reading Ahead and High

A Striking Reality-TIME’S UP

The Thinkers Paradise

Once you leave behind your teen years and step into work life mode you start seeing things from a different perspective.  It is a different world in front of you that was unknown to you all these years.

With work life comes various responsibilities; you become independent and gradually fall away from your folk’s shadow and the biggest of all— you learn to value money because you’re earning them yourself.

Day and night you work hard to give yourself and your dependents a better life that you’ve dreamed about.

Once you attain that dream and become stable in life you decide to settle down and start a family.

When you start your own family your dreams start growing bigger. You want to give them the best possible luxuries in life –a big house, the best car, expensive gifts and the list keeps growing.


To make these dreams possible he/she has to…

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Rekindling the old memories, Reminiscing their enchanting moments; She set her journey to re discover, Unaware of what her destiny beholds; Fighting her trials and blocks, She decided to rise up against the odds; Her tears were his heartbreak; her smile was his power, The only asset she carried throughout her journey was, -'his and her love story'. … Continue reading Possessed

Urbano in Soul Al Bahar

  Urbano is an Italian Restaurant in Souk Al Bahar which is based in the downtown of Dubai.It's different from the other restaurants due to it's unique features.It's a perfect place for those who relish Italian cuisine, myself being one!     The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor dining facilities provided. The highlight of the restaurant is … Continue reading Urbano in Soul Al Bahar

Daily Prompt: Candle- Lighting the World

When darkness and dimness hits the floor, You come out as a ray of hope and more; Unveiling the muddles that were hidden till date, Through your beam of fire that lights all day; Witness to all the bodes well moments of life, Uniting two souls succumbed to the feelings of their hearts. ~Vinitha. Daily … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Candle- Lighting the World

When in Love…

The Thinkers Paradise

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Hopes adrift, dreams astray

She came into his life with a beam of desire;

Senses unsound, emotions unhinged

She unwavered it with her ceaseless fire;

Qualms uncleared, traumas unhealed

She unraveled it with her boundless ardor;

Love is blind as you lose your mind

Once you’ve fallen you can never rewind;

Fall in love, its a beautiful feeling

To savor all the free care and pampering.



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The Irish Village Dubai

The Irish Village, located in Garhoud, Dubai happens to be one of the common hangout places for me and my friends.Probably, it is the feel that the places gives us that makes us their frequent visitors. It's highlights are a traditional wooden pub,an open terrace with a stadium. It's a perfect choice for an outdoor … Continue reading The Irish Village Dubai