The Marathon of Life- GROWING UP


An unavoidable phase in our lives that each one of us must endure.

Or maybe, in intellectual terms, a journey that embarks into numerous changes in lives; a paradigm of a ride through  ‘what we were’ to ‘what we want to be’.

Growing up changes you.You were seemingly innocent then, and mature now; you have learnt to leave behind the fantasy hankerings and face the reality.

It’s funny how life takes a toll on you; what seemed right to you back then seems inane and infantile now, what you deemed wrong and erroneous then, makes more sense now.

At times, life laughs at you ,for the erratic ride it surfaces you through.

And then, there is a second facet of life where, it transforms itself in the role of a philosopher. The knowledge that your derive from the books is just a synopsis of what you’re yet to discover, just like a toddler taking his first few baby steps . What you learn outside the books is what instills you with immense wisdom and acumen.

Growing up can be captivating or even nerve-racking depending upon how we decide to look after ourselves and our lives.It takes you through a life marathon :

Below is the life marathon of a son, and later when he becomes a father:

Life marathon of a son:


Get up in the morning, go to work, and come back home. This marathon continues day after day.

Life marathon of a father:


Get up in the morning, go to work, and come back home. This marathon continues day after day. And one fine day he dies running the cycle and passes it onto to his future generations.

This vicious cycle is poignant yet ingenuous. I do not wish to generalize everybody into this category, but the fact is most of us fit in to this group.Its your call to decide being the Creator or the Follower?


Break the cycle and re-create your own. 

Its time to change the attitude and make a difference.

Experiment the dimensions of different colors in your life.


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