Photo of the Day

  "Beauty at its extreme blissful and purest form." This picture was taken during my short vacation trip to India. It is called the 'Pamba River'. It is known to be the third longest river in the country and has a famous temple located on the banks of the river. Standing beside this river gives … Continue reading Photo of the Day

The Marathon of Life- GROWING UP

GROWING UP. An unavoidable phase in our lives that each one of us must endure. Or maybe, in intellectual terms, a journey that embarks into numerous changes in lives; a paradigm of a ride through  ‘what we were’ to ‘what we want to be'. Growing up changes you.You were seemingly innocent then, and mature now; … Continue reading The Marathon of Life- GROWING UP

Quote Challenge Day 3

Hello Everybody! This is my third and final day for the quote challenge. I found this quite interesting for some reason , inspite of doing it for the second time. Enjoyed penning them. So here goes my quote for Day 3: One Life. Live Like No One Did.   My nominees/challengers are : reading Quote Challenge Day 3

Quote Challenge Day 1

Hello everyone! I have been nominated by prashantt for the Quote Challenge. Please visit his blog as he is one of the interesting and vivacious bloggers i have on my following list. My quote for Day One: LOVE THE PERSON YOU ARE. Once you learn to love yourself, people around you also accept and appreciate the real … Continue reading Quote Challenge Day 1