Quotes & Quips 3

Life is a kaleidoscope that showcases a sequence of different shades of elements ,knocking at your door, waiting for a pertinent role in your life.You need to empty the cup before you venture out to discover your possibilities. It isn't about what you know and possess,its about what more you could learn and how you can make it … Continue reading Quotes & Quips 3

A Striking Reality-TIME’S UP

Once you leave behind your teen years and step into work life mode you start seeing things from a different perspective.  It is a different world in front of you that was unknown to you all these years. With work life comes various responsibilities; you become independent and gradually fall away from your folk’s shadow … Continue reading A Striking Reality-TIME’S UP

One Lovely Blog Award

There is nothing more happier for a blogger than to learn the fact that they have lovely readers to their blogs. Thank you for visiting and hoping you guys continue to do so. I thank namrataspeaks for presenting me the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. She is a young,talented and one of the interesting bloggers I've known. What makes … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award