A Letter to My -‘Mystery Man’

We all wake up to different kind of dreams; some are petrifying where as some leave us mystified.

I have been having these on and off recurring dreams about this guy whom I have met at a workplace. Lets call him the-‘Mystery man’.

I might have just seen a glance of him barely twice or thrice and we have never even spoken a word to each other.

A couple of months back I woke up to my typical droning routine of awakening and getting ready to work ,and I happen to recollect that I had a dream about the  ‘Mystery man’. I was surrounded with a lot of gloominess, negative vibes and just did not feel good about it.

I’ve come across people saying that, when you happen to think about a person too frequently or just before you are ready to sleep, or even when you go through a particular phase/situation you tend to dream similar instances. But it my case, this wasn’t true. Neither was I thinking about him , nor was I going through a similar instance.

This happened to me a couple of times and I felt that this wasn’t just another dream that happened to me. It felt bizarre. There was definitely something cynical and exploratory behind these recurring trances. Each time I had a dream about the Mystery Man I experienced the same vibes that left me bewildered.

The repetitive trances made me so curious and uneasy that I decided to take a chance and explore. Through a mutual contact of ours I got introduced to him and slowly we started shooting the breeze.

Based on my interactions with him I learned that he was a closed book, reserved and invincible. This led to me having a hard time getting to know the real him.

Slowly and gradually he started opening up about himself. I felt that I’ve unlocked the first level into finding the answers to my questions. Through his confessions I understood that he was going through a very pathetic phase of life  and had a negative approach towards it which led him to some wrong doings. He was almost a victim of depression. And then I started connecting the dots. The vibes that I experienced each time after the dream  was in reality encountered by him. Having said many things about himself he still left behind a lot of puzzles unsolved . He always created this invisible wall between us that made things complex for me in unlocking further. It was a close yet-so-far kind of a situation.

Eventually are conversations started thinning down and went down to zero. He had vanished away. But this did not stop those recurring trances. I still dreamed about him.

About 2-3 months ago i had met our mutual contact at a coffee shop and i confided my feelings and narrated the entire story to him. He was left shocked. He pointed out to me that the first time when i happened to inquire about the ‘Mystery Man’ he was indeed going through a terrible phase.

A lot of questions are still haunting me.Whom do i ask? The one to whom  i could have disappeared out of blue.Sometimes I sit and wonder why me? Why do I keep dreaming about him ? I don’t even know him. Is this some kind of a telepathic connection?

Is this a mere coincidence or am I over thinking?

I feel guilty about the fact that I could not be of any use to him. Someday I hope I would get a chance to confess to him about the dreams. Or if he just happens to read this post?-Nothing better!

Looking forward to hearing from you guys about any similar experiences 🙂 Please share your views. 🙂




11 thoughts on “A Letter to My -‘Mystery Man’

  1. I think you already did what you had to do in his life which was to sit and allow him pour out his pain. If he comes back let the conversation flow naturally. I experienced almost same situation with my former employer, somehow I always had something to say to him about his past life which I later realized he was going through tough times at that moment and needed someone to confide in. I still see him In my dreams once in a while but haven’t been able to keep in touch with him.

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  2. I was reading it so intensely! I feel the “Mystery Man” in your story will appear in your life in one or the other form if you are destined. Some things may remain unsolved for a reason. I like the way you write, Vinitha.

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