A Face Off #5


I had come across this picture on Facebook a couple of days ago. This made me think and realize that the former American actor’s wordings seem so true.

I hate to admit the fact that luck plays a vital role in everyone’s life to the extent that it demeans someones hard work. Each one of us would have at least come across one situation in life where we had to surrender to luck.How much ever positive we try to be in life, which irrefutably is obligatory,  we need to accept the reality and take it up as challenge to defeat the failures. Sometimes we put in all the efforts, but all goes in vain.Never give up.

Nonetheless, luck cant always empower ones’ hard work and struggles.True talent will always be recognized and appreciated.

Luck works for those people who work hard to live their dreams. Hence, don’t let it manipulate you, instead stump back!


23 thoughts on “A Face Off #5

  1. I loved reading what Peter Dinklage had to say about luck. I admire him as an actor. I do agree though that luck, to a certain extent does play a role in our lives. Though, yes, it can’t replace hard work and the drive to accomplish things. Good luck or fortune is great, but I admire someone who got where they are by never giving up and working hard to get there. ♡

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  2. Thought provoking post…when I think of it..i totally agree with you, that luck is important but talent and hard work are more important. But does that mean that the ability to do hard work and having talent are not because of luck? And then I am not sure..may be a successful person is lucky enough to have been able to use his talent and work hard..but it doesn’t mean we should not work hard..


    • Hi Shreyans.. Sometimes two people are equally talented and hardworking, but things just work for one, and the other is left baffled and thats when you realise the significance of luck. But as i had mentioned in my blog luck cant always empower talent and hardwork. One must never give up . Those who work hard consistently will definitely get what they deserve sooner or later.
      Thanks alot for reading and sharing your views. Appreciate 🙂

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      • I have question though…
        Suppose there are two individuals, one is doing hard work and other is not doing. So is the one who is not doing hard work is unlucky?


      • If the one not doing hard work is not successful its purely because he doesn’t deserve to be. If he happens to be successful in life, then its purely on luck basis i suppose, but the success would not last long. Because luck will not stand by you always, its temporary. But your hard work will definitely yield you results till you get tired of it 🙂 Hope this satisfies your doubts.

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      • So he doesn’t deserve it…so that means hard work is something which is your own choice..and anybody can do hard work? There is one example…why do some people become evil? Is it not because of the conditions in which they were born? Or their childhood.. So wasn’t it their bad luck? Or was it they deserved…same thing is for hard work…hard work is a trait which comes from our surroundings and upbringing…and it is I think a matter of luck too..


      • Well, if you dont work hard you will have a hard time working. You do not get anything free in this world, nor does it come easy. And off course, hard work is for everyone who want to achieve something in life. It all lies in what you want from life. Hard work isnt limited to certain sections of society. Its is a practice for all!

        An individual’s childhood, upbringing, living atmosphere and surroundings has got a lot of significance in moulding their personality. But no ones becomes evil or inhuman by birth. Its a choice you make. Its better late than never. You can always mold yourself to be a better person. Do not play the victim’s role blaming your surroundings and childhood. Move out of it. Its you who decides what you want to become, blaming others for what you are is cowardliness.
        Its upto you whether you like to work hard or have a hard time working.

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      • hey, i agree to everything you said..but how do you explain the acts of terror going around..how can you blame a child who was given a gun in his hand when he was just 5 years old…so yes it definitely matters..because you are saying it..is really great of you that your life is in your hands and you are working hard for betterment…but you can’t blame those who are unable to do it…because that 5 year old has very little scope to grow up and live like a normal person and work hard for his living..i agree with what you said, and the same message should be spread but we can’t be ignorant about the fact that they are also not to be blamed, because it is the good upbringing which they lack..


      • You have made a great point there, and thanks for bringing this up. Well, my reasonings to your earlier post was on a totally different context. In this case , i can only empathise with the 5 year old as he is too young to understand what is right or wrong and nor does he have the right ones to him the correct pathway and nor can i blame the poor kid. Life is beyond mine and your philosophies. We could just pray for the betterment of such lives and do out part as a repsonsible citizen by spreading awareness.

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      • Thank you…and I am sure we will at least try and do something…but it was really nice talking to you..your wisdom is really inspiring..


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