Lately I happen to come across a video where the protagonist shares his views on people comparing oneself to another. I totally relate to his thoughts.

Why do we humans at all stages of life compare ourselves to others? He earns better than me; folks be like why don’t you make your neighbour your role model; Why cant i be an Einstein or an Angelina Jolie? Oh! I wish i could be as fair as her!

Would you like it if we all shared the same face? Sorry!Bad idea.If you were to be another Einstein or Jolie, what is your identity? whom do you represent? Did you enter this world to be recognized under another individual’s silhouette?You weren’t born to be like your neighbour’s kid or your favourite star, if it was so, we only require prototypes on this planet.

Comparison has the supremacy to create this dirty, destructive competitive feeling in ourselves that it can even destroy the strengths we possess. It makes our surroundings and life so miserable that we start hating ourselves.

You can always admire , acquire and idolize but not copy.Show the world what sets you apart from others. You may be fantasized seeing others achievements but what you don’t realize is that they lack in many areas which you possess.All qualities,talents, skills and criterion cannot be found in a single human, and thus we all were born to showcase the world what we each possess and why it sets us apart from others.



God has created each one of us in a special and unique way which cannot be measured or weighed in terms of beauty,intelligence or talent.

If you fall a prey to someone’s comparison make him your prey 😛 and tell them ” I AM NOT A PROTOTYPE. I AM UNIQUE AND I LIKE MYSELF THIS WAY.”

To all the lovely ladies and gentlemen out there reading this: start loving yourselves from this moment.

Quote till my next blog: “Be who you are and not what the world wants you to be.”


7 thoughts on “WE ARE NOT PROTOTYPES

  1. Beautiful post…its always beautiful to be yourself & its good be if you want to be like someone but better is to make it happen by your own way by establishing your own mark in world.☺🙌


  2. true….comparison should always be with ourselves..we should strive to make us better each day…not look at others and feel jealous..we all have special and unique abilities..
    great post..

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