Newbie! #1


My first ever blog!

Born and bred in the United Arab Emirates of the Middle East region, have grown up to be like any normal child to an adult,  from a well-to-do NRI family.  An average school girl with no great ambitions ,who believed scoring high was all that was needed in life.

Having come from an HR background, it helped me gain understanding human life at a deeper level. Since childhood i was quite keen about learning and observing different humans patterns.

It was at this point that i asked myself ” Is this what i really wanted from life?”. No. “Am i satisfied with what i am currently pursuing?”. The answer was again a no.

Having had a great passion in writing(intellectual/poetry) and reading i have been searching for a forum through which i could channelize and share my thoughts, views,honest opinions and  communicate them effectively to the readers.

This blog is for those who revere and relish intellectual writings (and at times non-intellectual), poetry, travel blogs and many more yet to be identified.

Every human being has a cause to their existence, and i am in the running to find the cause for mine.This blog is a pathway for me to discover myself.

Quote till my next blog-Dream big because sky is not the limit!What worth is that life without any dreams?

26 thoughts on “Newbie! #1

  1. Thanks Vini for stoppingby my blog and great to know you specially when you are an HR..haha just on a lighter notion.You beautifully expressed here yourself.keep writing and have a great day ahead.:)


  2. Great to know you Vini! Haha..specially when you are an HR(on a lighter note).You beautifully expresed here yourself.Warm welcome here.Keep writing.Have a great day ahead 🙂


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