Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Belle Papillon 24/7 for presenting me the ‘Versatile Bloggers Award’. It feels great to be recognized and appreciated. ❤ Belle Papillon 24/7  is a beautiful woman who expresses beauty through her interesting and thought provoking writings. About two weeks ago I marked my journey into the blogger’s world. My decision to start blogging … Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award

When in Love…

Hopes adrift, dreams astray She came into his life with a beam of desire; Senses unsound, emotions unhinged She unwavered it with her ceaseless fire; Qualms uncleared, traumas unhealed She unraveled it with her boundless ardor; Love is blind as you lose your mind Once you’ve fallen you can never rewind; Fall in love, its … Continue reading When in Love…

A Letter to My -‘Mystery Man’

We all wake up to different kind of dreams; some are petrifying where as some leave us mystified. I have been having these on and off recurring dreams about this guy whom I have met at a workplace. Lets call him the-'Mystery man'. I might have just seen a glance of him barely twice or thrice and … Continue reading A Letter to My -‘Mystery Man’

Honor killing or killing honor?

The past two weeks had all the media channels as well as my Facebook news feed flood with the latest buzz that created commotion and ruckus amidst public.The incident truly saddened me. Qandeel Baloch- A social media sensation and a former Pakistani model, was murdered by her very own brother in the name of ‘honor’. Living in the 21st … Continue reading Honor killing or killing honor?

Genius or a Fool? QC #2

Hello folks, My quote for QC Day 2: "A fool can become a genius when he understands he is a fool. But; A genius can become a fool when he understands he is a genius!."- Dr APJ Abdul Kalam The above has been quoted by Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, a great orator with bright and … Continue reading Genius or a Fool? QC #2

Being Courageous QC#1

Hello everyone! This is my first quote challenge and I thank Hindi Reddy for nominating me in this challenge. RULES: 1.A quote each day for three days. 2.Nominating three different people each day. 3.Each day you have to nominate three different bloggers. "It requires more courage to suffer than to die."- Napoleon Bonaparte Running away is the … Continue reading Being Courageous QC#1

A Face Off #5

I had come across this picture on Facebook a couple of days ago. This made me think and realize that the former American actor's wordings seem so true. I hate to admit the fact that luck plays a vital role in everyone's life to the extent that it demeans someones hard work. Each one of … Continue reading A Face Off #5


Lately I happen to come across a video where the protagonist shares his views on people comparing oneself to another. I totally relate to his thoughts. Why do we humans at all stages of life compare ourselves to others? He earns better than me; folks be like why don't you make your neighbour your role model; Why cant … Continue reading WE ARE NOT PROTOTYPES